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  • cosmic-infernoo asked : Top 10 Blackinnon headcannos pretty pleaseee? :) Have a wonderful day/night


    Here we go! I hope you like it!

    1. Marlene absolutely loved to make fun of Sirius because of his colour-blind condition and he utterly detested it; but she would only do it to piss him off and to have an excuse to kiss him a hundred of times as an apology (based on this post!)
    2. Both of them were keen on spending hours doing absolutely nothing; they were very restless in a daily basis but when they decided to procrastinate they would do it to death. As they weren’t the cuddly type, Marlene would sit leaning on Sirius’ chest and they would smoke a whole pack of cigarettes for fun.
    3. Marlene didn’t sleep at her own dorm in their last months at Hogwarts and I’m not talking about sex at all. They simply started to get used to sleep next to each other and it was better for both of them to feel one another’s presence in the middle of night as the war could rip them apart any time.
    4. Sirius really did thought about proposing to her at their graduation prom, but he knew he couldn’t do it in a hurry just because he was afraid of losing her. Eventually, when he was ready to do so, it was too late.
    5. At their flat, their favourite hobby was to listen to Sirius’ vinyl records – as he preferred to listen to punk rock and strong lyrics of rebellion when he was on his own, with Marlene he usually choose to listen to muggle jazz. They spent whole nights drunkenly listening to music, attempting to dance in their tiny living room with empty bottles of wine at their feet countless of times. 
    6. Marlene had tried to teach Sirius how to speak French once and he sucked so bad at it that she gave up, only to discover that he already was fluent due to his family’s old traditions.
    7. Marlene was the first and only girl Sirius cuddled with in his entire existence. She was his perfect little spoon; their bodies fit accurately just like a puzzle.
    8.  Inspired by Sirius’ tattoos (yes, I think he should have a few of them), Marlene would want to get a muggle one as well. Eventually, Sirius would get a matching one.
    9. What Marlene loved the most in Sirius was his voice. She was deeply in love with how grave it was, how it reverberated through her whole body when he hugged her. She loved to hear him murmuring, soft and rough at the time, but mostly too smoky to his own good. It was too damn sexy for Marlene to cope with it.
    10. When Marlene was mad at Sirius for some frivolous reason, he would start mocking with her strong Scottish accent in order to make her even more pissed off and, hell, she hated it so bad. 

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    Marlene Mckinnon + General Badassery 

    "Marlene does what she wants— it’s probably the best and worst thing about her.”

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  • "I love the way her breathing changes as soon as I touch her body."
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